Child and School-Related Issues Special Interest Group

Empirically Based Interventions for Children


To increase the use of empirically supported treatments in a clinical and school setting when treating children with both externalizing and internalizing disorders.

The Child and School-Related Issues SIG is designed to facilitate the interests of ABCT members who wish to apply empirically supported assessment and treatment practices in school and clinical settings that serve children, youth, and their families.   We are interested in preventive and clinical applications and the dissemination of those practices to clinicians. We attempt to serve clinical researchers as well as practicing clinicians so that an effective dialogue allows for enhanced clinical practice and improved research.

Some specific points of interest include: 

1. Treating parents own symptoms in addition to child treatment

2. CBT for children in medical and school settings

3. Utilizing a public health model for prevention and intervention efforts

4. Conducting parent and teacher training.


SIG Contact Name: Fabian Agiurgioaei-Boie, PsyD

Title: School Psychologist-Behavior Consultant,

Board of Education, Town of Greenwich, CT

Mailing Address:

31 Grandview Avenue
Norwalk CT, 06850